*Turn It to the Left!*
October is National Audiology Awareness Month

New Public Education Campaign Encourages Kids to Turn it to the Left

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January 23, 2008

The American Academy of Audiology has launched a new public education campaign, Turn it to the Left, to raise awareness about the growing problem of hearing loss and how to prevent it. More than 5 million children or 13 percent are estimated to suffer from NIHL, which experts agree could have been easily prevented if they took actions such as turning down the volume on their personal music players or turning the volume dial to the left.

“With the Turn it to the Left campaign, we hope to educate kids to turn down the volume and prevent hearing loss before it begins,” says Alison Grimes, AuD, president of the American Academy of Audiology and head of the Audiology Clinic at UCLA Medical Center. Turn it to the Left is also the name of an educational rap created for the Academy by rapper Ben Jackson of Rhythm, Rhyme, Results. Jackson’s first experience with hearing loss was when his father, conductor Isaiah Jackson, was diagnosed with NIHL. Both the campaign and the rap address the dangers of hearing loss, but they also clearly explain how to avoid it.

For more information on the Turn it to the Left campaign, or to hear the rap, visit www.TurnItToTheLeft.com.